Radio Licensing
The firm maintains several FCC and FAA data-bases that assist them in the preparation of FCC licenses. The range of licenses prepared is from simple frequency land mobile systems to complex high-powered radio station facilities.The staff engineers routinely interface with various agencies such as the FCC,FAA and frequency coordinators
Antenna Tower Engineering
The firm has the ability to determine FCC and FAA clearance, airspace safety requirements, potential interference problems. Owl Engineering can help you locate your antenna tower for desired system coverage. The firm can offer professional Engineering presentation to city and county zoning boards.
Intermodulation Studies
Owl Engineering performs inter modulation studies to insure that new communications users protect existing towers, minimizing interference potential reducing overall system cost. This is a useful tool in determining the sources of interference on an existing tower communication systems.
Radio Coverage Predictions
Owl Engineering uses it's Extensive data bases, to model multiple communication sites and complex system changes, saving unnecessary rework expense. 
Radio Field Measurements
Owl Engineering maintains a complete inventory of communications measurement equipment and has the ability to measure the spectrum for compliance with FCC regulations. 
EMC Test Facility
Owl Engineering has a fully equipped EMC lab to better  serve it's clients in complying with FCC regulations. Owl Engineering test the products and prepares final reports used to obtain FCC certification and European conformity. 
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